Monday Moments

Most of us tend to look forward to Fridays.  It’s the end of the work week.  It begins the weekend where we have more freedom in our schedules, we get together with those we love, and many of us don’t have to work at our 9-5.  If you’re a stay-at-home-mom like myself, you may look forward to Fridays because it means your husband is going to be home for the next couple days to help with the kids and you just may be going on a date that night.  Fridays are just simply wonderful (or at least we’re conditioned to believe so).

But what about Mondays?  Oh, Mondays.  We dread them, don’t we?  It means we’re back to the daily grind . . . needing to get kids ready for school (or getting material prepped to homeschool).  It means back to our job that we may not love (though I hope you love yours!).  It means, for us SAHMs, that we are on our own to raise these littles for the next 9+ hours.  On Twitter, you’ll see the hashtag #mondaymotivation for a reason: people need a little extra encouragement on Mondays to help them get through the day on a positive note.

We tend to be a little bit more positive on Fridays and a little more pessimistic on Mondays.  Maybe that’s why our Mondays aren’t always the best–our frame of mind starts off on the wrong foot (er, wavelength?).  So let’s change that.

On Mondays, I want you to be specifically looking for what may normally be a Friday moment.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Did your kids do something funny today?
  • Did you see a random act of kindness while you were running errands?
  • Did you receive an encouraging text or email from a friend?
  • Did you tackle a project that’s been on your list for a while?
  • Did you make a killer meal for dinner that everyone loved?
  • Did you get some time to yourself that was just sweet bliss, even if it was only 15 minutes?

We’re going to do something new over at the Facebook page.  Each Monday, I will post a prompt asking you to share your Monday Moment.  Comment directly on that post on Facebook.  You can comment any time during the day.  The more people who share, the better.  It’ll help us be able to better identify the Monday Moments in our own lives by seeing what’s happening in others’ lives.  It can be so easy to focus on the mishaps in our days rather than what brought us joy.  Let’s flip that around.  Sound good?  Join in this coming Monday!  Also, feel free to use Twitter for this too.  Just use the hashtag #MondayMoments and tag @naptimecoffee.  Would love to see people on both outlets joining in!